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Working Paper

Best Practices for Collecting Speed Test Data

Kyle MacMillan, Tarun Mangla, Marc Richardson, Nick Feamster
A set of recommendations for gathering and analyzing crowdsourced speed test measurements to support broadband investment allocation.
Aug 12, 2022
Working Paper

Internet Inequity in Chicago: Adoption, Affordability, and Availability

Tarun Mangla, Udit Paul, Arpit Gupta, Nicole Marwell, Nick Feamster
A study of Internet equity in Chicago that considers disparities in Internet availability, affordability, and adoption across urban communities.
Aug 08, 2022
Working Paper

Benchmarks or Equity? A New Approach to Measuring Internet Performance

Ranya Sharma, Tarun Mangla, James Saxon, Marc Richardson, Nick Feamster, Nicole Marwell
A new approach to measuring Internet performance that rests on comparisons of multiple performance metrics across geographies.
Aug 03, 2022

A Comparative Analysis of Ookla Speedtest and Measurement Labs Network Diagnostic Test (NDT7)

Kyle MacMillan, Tarun Mangla, James Saxon, Nicole Marwell, Nick Feamster
A comparative analysis of two popular speed test tools: Ookla's Speedtest and Measurement Lab's Network Diagnostic Test.
May 24, 2022
Working Paper

What Can We Learn from Selected, Unmatched Data: Measuring Internet Inequity in Chicago

James Saxon, Dan A. Black
By integrating a “big” dataset of Speedtest Intelligence from Ookla that measures Internet performance and income data from the American...
May 05, 2022

A Tale of Three Datasets: Characterizing Mobile Broadband Access in the U.S.

Tarun Mangla, Esther Showalter, Vivek Adarsh, Kipp Jones, Morgan Vigil-Hayes, Elizabeth Belding, Ellen Zegura
We compare LTE coverage data from the FCC with a crowdsourced dataset from Skyhook for New Mexico.
Mar 01, 2022

GPS-Based Geolocation of Consumer IP Addresses

Nick Feamster, James Saxon
This paper uses two commercial datasets of IP addresses from smartphones to characterize the geography of IP address subnets from...
Oct 12, 2021